Oh gosh but I really love Carlos and Cecil in this episode. Carlos misses Cecil and he loves him and he’s the only person Carlos really cares about, and that’s important but it’s not everything Carlos is. 

This is Carlos coming into his own as a character. He’s not just Cecil’s boyfriend, we don’t about him just through Cecil, he’s not doing his own thing in the background. He’s his own person with his own wants (and sometimes things you want don’t align with what your partner wants, much as you love them), and he’s stuck in a bad situation but he’s going to make the best of it. Yes, he’s stuck in an otherworldly desert and he doesn’t really know how he’s going to get home, but there’s also so much to learn and so much to explore and find out, and that’s exciting!

It’s so obvious how important Cecil is to Carlos, but he isn’t the only important thing in his life. And that’s a good thing. 

This relationship is so fantastic because it’s so real and imperfect - sometimes their priorities don’t line up. Sometimes they annoy each other. Sometimes there are communication issues. But after all of that, they still love each other, and that’s the only thing Carlos is certain of.



okay but that kid sounds suspiciously like carlos, admit it 

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Sketchbook 2013

Sketches of a certain radio host and his impeccable clothing style (and the lights over Arby’s).

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Hearing Cecil say this out loud is so amazing, I can’t even find the words to describe how happy it makes me!

I just really had to have this on my blog, and having this clip also makes this a whole lot easier!



Ohhhh what if the Crystal Doges met the Sailor Mews?? That’d be wiiiiild…



Due to popular request, here are Rose Quartz and Steven doges…

This is why you should be careful what you wish for!!

Cecil, nothing and nowhere is safe. But there are things greater than us. Greater than all of this! (So, you can’t see it, but I just made a big sweeping hand gesture to indicate everything in the universe). And there are people who must learn about it all, how it all works, and why. This is what we call science!
I love Carlos’ thirst for knowledge, especially in contrast to Night Vale, where so often people are encouraged to ignore things, or to accept things without question, or to believe things contrary to reality. I wonder if that’s going to become more of a theme, and if some of the problems in Night Vale are going to be addressed, post-revolution.  (via angelinthefire)
Carlos: I know two things.
Carlos: I love you.
Cecil: I love you too.
Cecil: What's the other thing?
Carlos: You just said it.
Fandom: *sudden uncontrollable sobbing*


there’s a point i love when the big scary thing happened and Cecil was like “uh oh thiiiis is bad” and carlos was like “HEY THIS IS NEW I GOTTA GET IN ON THIS!!! FOR SCIENCE!!! WOW SO EXCITING”

like he actually said it was exciting. this dork. tHIS DORK.

We have our phones. We have our voices. And you have the best voice of them all.
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I will never get over Mayor Cardinal




also can i just point out that we were so worried over whether carlos CAN come back and this episode told us over and over that it’s just a matter of WHEN because carlos is just fucking around in the desert doing science

We did almost an entire show together!
Cecil you sound so smug i bet you’ve been wanting to do this since episode one. (via mr-reblogbutton)